An MBA can make or break your career, but the investment is daunting. Is it really worth it?

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Through hundreds of hours of research, interviews with graduates of the world's top business schools, and insights from successful entrepreneurs who have deliberately decided to avoid an MBA,  is the definitive guide to help you answer the question: Should I get an MBA?

This guide reveals 8 secrets to finding clarity in the confusion and helps you to determine whether or not an MBA is right for you.

Why I Wrote this Guide: Adele's Story

Over the past few years working with Escape the City, I'd watched hundreds of young professionals go through the complex decision process of whether or not to get an MBA. I’d been quietly learning what makes a person want to apply to business school in the first place.

One day, I began to ask the question myself: Should I get an MBA?

I read the most notable business books, articles, and blogs from the most respected minds in the business world. Through Escape the City, I had access to incredibly successful business professionals and entrepreneurs. I wanted to cut through to the core decision criteria and figure out if an MBA was right for me.

My goal was that through clearing up my own confusion, I would be able to help you clear up yours. Instead of having to schedule thirty different coffees with alumni who could give you insight, I’ve taken their wisdom and condensed it here for you, so that you can move forward faster with your own MBA decision process.

When you finish reading this guide, you'll be able to understand whether or not an MBA is for you and why. You’ll have two sides of the story: the one that business schools tell you and the one that they’ll never tell you. I went into this process with an open mind and I was surprised by the decision that I made by the end of it.

This guide is the result of hundreds of hours of research and interviews, and presents a framework for making your own MBA debate decision.

In this guide, you'll discover:

 - The four questions you need to ask to cut through your own internal MBA debate (p. 19).

 - How to align your personal values to your MBA decision (p. 25).

 - When an MBA can be genuinely useful in a career pivot (p. 29).

 - Why using career "Heroes" can help you gain clarity (p. 45).

 - The benefits and difficulties of gaining an "Alternative MBA" (p. 70).

 - Why some startups have never hired an MBA (p. 83).

- Questions to ask to figure out if MBA will help or harm your entrepreneurial career (p. 90) 

 - The importance of "Learning Now to Earn Later" (p. 92).

 - Links to over 50 of the best books, blogs, and resources on starting and running a business (p. 107).

 - Insights from graduates of the world's top business schools and whether they regret (or don't regret) their decision to attend business school.

 - Interviews from current and past business students from Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago (Booth), University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Columbia Business School, Yale School of Management, Carnegie Melon University (Tepper), UC Berkeley (Haas), and others.

 - Insights and ideas from some of the world's top entrepreneurs like Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Paul Graham, Josh Kaufman, Mark Suster, among others.

 - And much, much more.

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It's time to skip the confusion, make an informed decision, and discover the secrets that no business school prospectus will ever tell you.

If you want to finally put an end to the daunting debate, buy this guide.

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An MBA can make or break your career, but the investment is daunting. Is it really worth it?

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